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Cooperation between the non-governmental organizations and the Aarhus Centers in the promotion of public participation processes

In the last years a close cooperation between Aparan Aarhus Centre and a number of environmental NGOs, experts, representatives of scientific field, with the aim to reveal, to elucidate the environmental problems in Aparan region and to implement awareness events for the solution of those issues.

The aim to establish partnerships is to support the center to protect the rights and interests of the population, a competent protection of the environmental right, providing expert and professional advice, scientific and technical information, documentation and sharing of research results,

independent examination of the environmental issues related to the submission of comments and suggestions.

On September 9 within the frames of this cooperation Aparan Aarhus Center held a working meeting with the presidents of “Eco alliance” and “Greens union” NGOs, the representative of YSU Centre for Sustainable Development, and EcoLur Informative NGO’s, during which they discussed the project preliminary environmental assessment application of “MEGO Gold” LLC on the upgrades of the RA Aragatsotn region Tukhmanuk gold mine complex, tailings dam and tailings protective temporary dry storage”.

On September 12 and 18, working meetings were held with the president of the “For nature” environmental NGO. The meetings referred to the problems in regard with Tukhmanuk gold mine exploitation and the Yezidi communities Mirak, Rya Taza, Alagyaz, which are in the area of influence of.

The Aarhus Centers activities guiding principles and the strategic plan 1.12 point fff for this kind of cooperation with the NGO sector and independent experts according to which civil society (NGOs) role should be evaluated as an environmental supporter, the most important part in democratic politics, raising public awareness, the role of facilitator utilization of their rights under the Convention.

Natalya Manukyan
Coordinator of Aparan Aarhus Center
Tel: (+374) 94 224926
E-mail:՝ aarhusaparan@mail.ru , info_aparan@aarhus.am
Translation by Marine Mazmanyan