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Collaboration with the aim to hold a seminar for journalists covering environmental topics

On September 19, a seminar was held for journalists, professors and students of the journalism faculty covering environmental topics in Multimedia Journalism Center of the YSU Faculty of Journalism. The seminar was organized by the Armenian Online Media and Journalists’ Association. The seminar was supported by the Aarhus Centers in Armenia.
Mrs. Silva Ayvazyan, the coordinator of Yerevan Aarhus Centre gave a lecture about the right of public environmental awareness, stressing the importance of the public being fully informed and properly trained to participate in the decision-making process Mrs. Mari Chakryan, the press officer of the Armenian Aarhus

Centers, presented the “Environmental information and consumers’ demand” survey research made by the Aarhus Centers order in 2012, drawing parallels between the developments observed in the last 2-3 years, as well as how environmental topics could be available to the public. The opening speech was delivered by Professor Naghash Martirosyan, dean of the YSU Faculty of journalism. During one interview, he referred to the revealed word of Hrant Matevosyan who regretted that our young people do not know their nature. “Ask them to name 10 plants, 10 bushes, 10trees and 10 animals meeting in Armenia and they would not be able to enumerate them quickly”, the Armenian novelist clarified his remarks in response to the journalists stare. Therefore, Mrs. Naghash Martirosyan urged the future journalists to to care about the nature and to assume the mission of making the audience recognize the nature.

Mrs. Astghik Avetisyan, professor of YSU Faculty of Journalism, during her speech on the theme “Environmental journalism and public relations’ cooperation features” highlighted the role of the Aarhus Centers in Armenia for public awareness and in terms of permanent work with public, and for guiding the work of journalists with high-quality and credible information. The speaker also noted that the activities of “EcoLur” information NGO is very important, especially in the active dissemination of environmental information and in terms of organizing environmental hot spots Eco Tours.

During the seminar interesting and useful lectures were delivered by Mrs. Karine Danielyan, head of the SPUA Chair of Ecology and Sustainable Development, Mrs. Aida Iskoyan, professor of YSU Faculty of Law, national coordinator of the Aarhus Convention, Mrs. Inga Zarafyan, president of “EcoLur” information NGO, Mr. Mushegh Hovsepyan, head of the YSU Head of the Department of Radio and Television, the professors and lecturers of the YSU Faculty of Journalism.

Mr. David Alaverdyan, president of the Armenian Online Media and Journalists Association said that it is planned to create a handbook as a result of close cooperation with the speakers that will serve as a textbook for eco journalism faculty courses.

Mari Chakryan
Press Officer of the Armenian Aarhus Centers
E-mail: aarhusnews@gmail.com
Translated by Marine Mazmanyan