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The World Car Free Day 2015 is a great opportunity to leave your car in the garage


On September 22, is celebrated the World Car Free Day. This is an international event, which is celebrated annually. The main goal is to attract public attention to the issues of transport development and existing alternative means of transportation. This is meant to reduce the number of vehicles on streets and roads and to encourage other types of transport, including public transport and cycling.

The number of vehicles in the world is constantly growing. Today, on the roads of the planet drive more than 1 billion of private cars. They have gradually turned our environment to maintenance items, occupied children’s playground and public green spaces for parking. In other words the vehicles have reduced the human habitat. Cities have ceased to be comfortable, safe and alive.

The same tendency is also in our country, especially in the capital. From merely a transport the vehicles issue have become a major social and environmental problem. The cars are the main pollutants of air pollution. Daily due to traffic accidents are killed hundreds of people and more people are becoming disabled. Not to mention the hundreds of people who get sick from air pollution caused by cars. Every day the drivers themselves breathe several times more harmful substances than pedestrians.

The first Car Free protests began yet in the 1970s when the first oil crisis broke out. The movement has again intensified in the 1990s. Pan-European Car Free Day was organized in 1999 as part of the campaign “In town without my car”, which was continued in the form of European Mobility Week.
In 2000, the network of activists and organizations held the first World Car Free Day.
According to rough estimates each year the campaign involves more than 100 million people from more than 40 countries and 1.5 thousand cities in the world.

The purpose of the Day is not just propaganda of movement on foot or by bicycle, but also the formation of a new concept necessary for urban conditions development, where will be possible to live, work and relax as much as possible in harmony with nature and with each other.
The followers of the Day recommend walking, using public transport, cycling or driving rollers.
Leave your car in the garage, enjoy the beautiful fall day.
The source: http://www.leworld.org/ :

Mari Chakryan
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Translated by Anush Beybutyan