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A noise as an environmental pollutant

On September 11, a seminar under the heading “Noise as an environmental pollutant” was held in Ararat Aarhus Center. The aim is to familiarize the participants with the general principles of prevention of noise, a characteristic of prevention measures.
During the seminar, there was talked about the negative impact of noise on human health and the environment.
Noise was presented as a major environmental pollutant, mentioned the main source of noise in cities is transportation, also presented the harmful effects of noise increases when it is accompanied by other negative factors (vibration, gases, dust).
Then there was presented a video material in which was spoken about the negative impact caused by noise, particularly on how it lead to insomnia, tiredness, lack of attention, causing a decrease in total employment and labor productivity.

Especially, daily noise was separated , which sometimes could leads a person on the verge of a nervous breakdown.The seminar was attended by the representatives of NGOs, teachers, pupils and students. They were offered a group work under the heading “The prevention measures of noise” .

Participants offered their own approaches to the issue, that is to install noise absorbing devices, frequently be in nature, cars can be replaced by other means of transport, etc.

Translated by Ripsime Sargsyan
The coordinator of Ararat Aarhus center
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