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Calculation of environmental damage and living in harmony with nature. The agenda of the Aarhus Centers’ 3rd working meeting was saturated
On September 10 3rd working meeting of the Armenian Aarhus Centers’ coordinators was held with full agenda. Mrs. Radka Rubilina, coordinator of the Human Rights Officer of the OSCE Office in Yerevan, made a welcoming speech. She said that an international expert was invited by the OSCE to evaluate the effectiveness of the Armenian Aarhus Centers activities. She noted that as a result of this independent survey, the further path and destiny of the centers would be more clearly outlined.
The new selected coordinators of Yeghegnadzor Aarhus Center Mariam Mkrtchyan and Hrach Kocharyan were introduced to the colleagues at the meeting.

They were selected by a jury composed of the representatives of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Vayots Dzor regional administration and Armenian Aarhus Centers, as a result of previously announced competition procedures and the interview held on August 28 in Vayots Dzor regional administration.

During the meeting Mr. Erik Grigoryan, the expert of the OSCE Office in Yerevan, conducted a training course on the topic “Methodology for calculation and compensation of the environmental damage”. He touched upon the current system of environmental fees attaching importance to their correction and the elimination of the environmental issued. According to him, there is no any environmental fee in the USA, but instead of water coming from outside the enterprise must be proportionate to the quality of drinking water. The expert said that currently the most internationally acceptable approach is taking preventive measures for the caused environmental damage, not a system of payments for contamination, and if the prevention is not possible, chances of recovery of damages, the financial compensation of which is calculated, what the cost of restoring the environmental damage would be

The coordinator of Gyumri Aarhus Center Gevorg Petrosyan noted that there is a need to pay greater attention to the protection of public property in case of environmental damage calculation and compensation, as private property is more protected in Armenia than public property.

Then Mr. Arthur Nikoghosyan, who studies Gyurjiev teaching, gave a lecture on the topic “Esoteric and semantic perceptions of the environmental issues”. Knowledge is considered deep in case of esotery that is difficult to comprehend; efforts should be exerted to expose it. First of all it is necessary to live in harmony with yourself and consider yourself as a part of nature in order to live in harmony with nature. According to him it’s meaningless to speak about the nature protection, as long as a human being is considered as an observer, not a member of nature.

Next expert Never Poghosyan informed on how to reduce disaster risks through the knowledge and the competent practice of them.

The current and future issues related to the centers were discussed at the end of the working meeting. It was decided to resend a letter to the RA MoF, as the answer to the letter addressed to the ministry on August 18 did not include the raised questions. It was also planned to discuss further steps towards the implementation of the government’s decision on the RA “Planned actions / contributions on national level” in frames of the “Climate change”.

Mari Chakryan
Armenian Aarhus Centers Press Officer
E-mail: aarhusnews@gmail.com
Translated by Marine Mazmanyan