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Environmental Law training course in Aparan Aarhus Centre

The OSCE Office in Yerevan and Economic and Legal Analysis Center NGO have conducted several courses in the Aarhus Centers aimed at assisting civil society organizations and local authorities to enhance their capabilities of the Aarhus Convention third pillar access to justice in the third.
On August 20, the first event was held in Aparan Aarhus Center within the framework of the Aarhus Convention access to justice for the local government and business representatives and council members.
Mr. Gevorg Danielyan, the expert of the Center for Economic Analysis Committee, Doctor of Law, presented the Convention’s criteria for access to

information and public participation processes, strengthening mechanisms of the legal processes, as well as national environmental law provisions.

Turning to environmental issues, opposing the illegitimate administration of practical problems and their solution methods, the expert highlighted appealing the administrative court process. For example, when sending a request to the administrative body, it should be referred to the relevant statutory provisions and so that it could be clear for the administrative body what the next steps will be.

Speaking about the requests for information on the issue, he noted that the if the request was not discussed, partly or wholly unjustified rejected, or an inconsistent approach was shown related to the provisions of the Convention, any person may have the possibility of reviewing the decision in a law court or other independent and impartial body.

The expert explains that the decisions of the Constitutional Court, which relate to the the administrative authority records, for example, if the body does not respond to the survey in fact, it can be considered as an administrative act and challenged in court. The participants evaluated the training discussion interesting and useful. Many questions were addressed to Mr. Danielyan to which the answers were important and would be decisive during the further activity.

Natalya Manukyan
Coordinator of Aparan Aarhus Center
Tel: (+374) 94 224926
E-mail: aarhusaparan@mail.ru , info_aparan@aarhus.am
Translated by Marine Mazmanyan