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Eco – journalism, as an important tool for the dissemination of environmental information

On 14 August, Ararat Aarhus center by the request of the members of the “Young journalists” group of the Ararat city Youth art center, held its regular eco-educational seminar on ”Environmental Journalism” theme in Youth art center.
The aim was to introduce the children to the ecological functions of journalism, trends, environmental issues and coverage deficiencies inherent errors, how to make material easier and the process of sending it to audience in intelligible form, the role of ecological education in journalism.
During the event global environmental issues were presented, as well as local problems.

At the beginning of eco-educational event the theoretical material on environmental journalism was introduced to the young journalists. There was talked about how the environment affects all the aspects of human activity and even on journalism, what the environmental information is and how it can be delivered to the relevant audiences, illustrated the need of journalism in this direction in terms of public awareness.

A presentation was also demonstrated for making the material more visual and available. Then, a discussion took place. Each of the pupils tried to move the material from the theoretical into practical platform through presenting some information on various environmental issues.

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Translated by Ripsime Sargsyan