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The board of experts of Hrazdan Aarhus Center was staffed with new members

On April 30, the first session of the board of experts was held in Hrazdan Aarhus Centre. According to the agenda, as a Chairman of the Board of experts was unanimously elected by the participants H. Hayrapetyan, deputy regional governor of Kotayk marz of the RA.

The Board was staffed with new members: B. Bejli, volunteer of the “Peace Corps”, A. Ohanyan, academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and A. Gabrielyan, assistant to the Mayor of Hrazdan.

The newly appointed Chairman of the Board of Experts A. Hayrapetyan enthusiastically assumed the duties of Chairman of the Board. The Center coordinators presented Hrazdan Aarhus Center’s annual working plan for 2015, which was approved as a result of discussions and considering proposals by the members of board of experts.

At the meeting of the Board of Experts were talked about numerous environmental problems existing in Armenia, for mitigation of which there is an acute need of the young people’s potential. Considering that fact, it was decided first of all to create an environmental NGO, which would include young people from different communities of Kotayk Marz and Kotayk Regional Administration would solve space allocation issues.

According to the recommendations the second step will be the collection of all environmental problems and maping, which will become a guide to maintain the actions sequence.

The meeting of the Board of Experts was held in the active atmosphere of discussing multiple problematic environmental issues and was summed up with the hope of arranging more frequent meetings; each of the board members bearing some responsibility for this or that measures should follow the course of action.

Hrazdan aarhus Center workplan for 2015

Anahit Mnatsakanyan
Coordinator of Hrazdan Aarhus Center
Translated by Anush Beybutyan