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The Board of Experts of Idjevan Aarhus Center decided to keep under the public control the operation of “Khachaghbyur 1-2″ SHPP


Ijevan_15_04_1On April 13, was held Idjevan Aarhus Centers board of experts’ first sitting in 2015. On the agenda were: reviewing the board’s staff, presentation of new members, election of a chairman of the Board, presentation of the activities carried out in 2014, presentation, discussion and adoption of working plan draft of the activities undertaken for 2015.

Opening the meeting Samvel Gevorgyan, former head of the Board, welcomed the participants. He resigned, reasoning his business. As a result of the open voting, as a chairman of the Board unanimously was elected Suren Manukyan, Idjevan deputy mayor.

David Ghazaryan, coordinator of the Center presented the activities carried out in 2014, the proposed annual work program in 2015, which was approved with some revisions.
Ijevan_15_04_3They also discussed the issue of water quantity overusing during the operation of “Khachaghbyur 1-2″ SHPP; instead of 40-60% for the HPPs operation was taken 99% of the river water, the river bed remained in the form of a thin stream.

It was decided to organize meetings with residents and head of Getahovit community. Geghetsik Gulakyan, a board member proposed Suren Manukyan, deputy mayor to focus on the issues of Ijevan cleanliness, proper utility services and Aghstev river bed clearance.

It was decided to submit a proposal at the upcoming meeting of the Community Council to revise the utility services work, open new workplaces, to pay more attention to Aghstev river clearance and to apply new sanctions for keeping the city clean and prosperous.

The problem is that the community does not have a landfill; the government still does not provide a space for a landfill, so they are forced to accumulate the garbage in the territory of neighboring village Lusadzor, which of course does not meet the required standards for landfill, which also hinders the qualified waste management.

List of participants
Idjevan Aarhus Center workplan for 2015

Davit Ghazaryan
Coordinator of Idjevan Aarhus Center
Tell: (+374) 93 00 70 10
E-mail: info_ijevan@aarhus.am, david.ghazaryan.83@mail.ru
Translated by Anush Beybutyan