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The board of experts of Kapan AC considered urgent Kapan sewage system leak problem


Kapan_18_04_2.1On April 16, 2015 the first meeting of the board of experts was held in Kapan Aarhus Center. The agenda included the following points; the approval of the board of experts of the Arhus Center in 2015, the AC working plan discussion, making recommendations, as well Kapan sewage system leak problem in Syunik community, which is a threatening danger to people’s health and welfare and the environment and other issues.
Mr. Aram Grigoryan was nominated as chairman of the meeting and Mr. Ashot Avagyan was nominated as a secretary.
The coordinator of the center represented the staff of the board of experts. He introduced to the members of the board of experts the whole text of the memorandum of understanding, the goals, the objectives and the functions of the center, and the structure thus detailing the main functions of the board of experts.
Kapan_18_04_1The coordinator represented the current year work plan of the center. Mrs. Nune Gevorgyan, one of the members of the board, offered to send the work plan to all the experts in an electronic version, so thatthey could thoroughly study it and make recommendations, then to approve it either in an online version, or at their next meeting. The proposal was adopted.Mr. Ashot Avagyan, the coordinator of the center, represented with photos Kapan sewage system leak problem in Syunik community and quoted the binding judgment of the court to the “ArmWater Sewerage” CJSC for filling the sewage into Voghji River and to eliminate the danger threatening the environment. In this case the sewage flows into the land instead of the river.

Mr. Aram Grigoryan clarified that the mayor of Syunik community was also responsible for this problem within his obligations. The board of experts, considering unacceptable the sewage leakage to the land, decided to address a letter to the “ArmWater Sewerage” CJSC, the state health inspection of the RA Ministry of Health.


Mari Chakryan
Armenian Aarhus Centers press officer
E-mail: aarhusnews@gmail.com
Translated by Marine Mazmanyan