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Dilijan Aarhus Center’s Board of Experts estimated the implemented works as well done

On April 8, a session of the board of experts was held in Dilijan Aarhus Centre. On the agenda were the issues of reviewing the Board’s staff and representing new members. The center’s coordinator also presented the works implemented in 2014, and the working plan for the 2015.

The activities implemented during the previous year and planned to carry out this year was estimated as well done and approved by the staff of the Board. Have been discussed community development and security issues.

It was decided to submit a proposal at the upcoming session of the city council to allocate funds for studying quality of the natural springs existing at the area as drinking water, and if the springs conform to the norms than to make proposal of reconstruction of those areas and to make those use more convenient.

List of participants
Dilijan Aarhus Center’s workplan for 2015

Mary Chakryan
Armenian Aarhus Centers Press Officer

E-mail: aarhusnews@gmail.com
Translated by Anush Beybutyan