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Public hearing on “The environment and the population health protection in the city of Kapan in 2015” project

On June 13, public hearing on “The environment and the population health protection in the city of Kapan in 2015″ project was held in Kapan municipality. The participants were welcomed by A. Hayrapetyan, …




Ahead of the UN Universal Periodic Review Process

This year, Armenia will pass the second cycle of the UN Universal Periodic Review. This is one of the most important mechanisms of the UN Human Rights, in which…




For formation of responsible and legally conscious generation the Aarhus Centres are applying a new tool

On June 10, the regular awareness seminar on “Photography master classes”, “Environmental Journalism” and “Environmental Legislation and Law” themes was held in Yerevan Aarhus Center. …




Why the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of RA is concerned about the demand of civil society to hold discussion on the problems in the field of underground mining?

Environmental Public Alliance
From the Members of the Environmental Public Alliance and the Armenian Aarhus Centers…




Public Monitoring of Forests in Armenia in Vanadzor

Since April, 2014 by the “Geoinfo” scientific-practical center is carried out the “Public Monitoring of Forests in Armenia” project, which will be continued until the month of February, 2015. The project’s main…




World Environment Day in Vanadzor Aarhus Center

Vanadzor Aarhus Center, in collaboration with various organizations, is conducting many educational activities which are in high demand. To this are engaged mainly…




World Environment Day in Dilijan

In observance of the World Environment Day, Dilijan Aarhus Center, in cooperation with the Administration of “Dilijan” National Park organized an outdoor awareness raising meeting-discussion in participation of youth and students…


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On World Environment Day Natural Disaster Risk Reduction Issues were discussed in Alaverdi

On World Environment Day on 5th of June, A. Evoyan, coordinator of Alaverdi Aarhus Center conducted a training course for schoolchildren of Alaverdi High School N 5….




Exhibition in Stepanavan reflecting Environmental Issues and their Solutions

To commemorate the Children’s Day Stepanavan Aarhus Environmental Information Center jointly with active students and lecturers organized a photo exhibition entitled “Our future is in our hands” in the Agricultural College….




The Aarhus Centers Volunteers are aware of bird species protection

For raising and creating awareness on the Armenia’s biodiversity problems the “Center for Bird Lovers” NGO, represented by T. Stepanyan, held several meetings and workshops with the Aarhus Centers young volunteers….




Disaster Risk Reduction training course in Vanadzor Aarhus Center

Training for trainers on Disaster Risk Reduction was held in Vanadzor Aarhus Center. Participants from Vanadzor, Spitak, Alaverdi, Gargar, Teghout and Archis communities of Tavush region, in their turn,…




The issues of mines operating in Tavush and nearby regions

On May 23, environmental films’ screening was organized in Idjevan Aarhus Centre, which key themes were the issues of the mines exploitation. It should be noted that on May 19, the same films…




Towards the Children’s Day- gifts for children of Meliq village

Towards the Children’s Day the “Photography Master Class” program launched in collaboration with the Armenian Aarhus Centers, “For Armenia” NGO jointly with the “Step” Community Development Support Organization, presented…




Photography Master Class in Dilijan

Within the frameworks of the “Photography master class” program launched in collaboration with the Armenian Aarhus Centers on May 27, a seminar was organized in Dilijan Aarhus Center. The participants …




Innovative approaches in the field of environment: Alaverdi

The aim of the discussion under the theme “The environmental issues of the community and region, environmental subventions allocated to the communities” held on May 21, 2014 in Alaverdi…


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The level of Lake Sevan has a tendency to decrease

In accordance with the weekly bulletin publishing by the State Hydro- meteorological and Monitoring Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situation of …




On May 19, 2014 by Decree N 511 – A the Government of the RA approved the Program of the Government of the RA

Below is presented the environment related section:
Ensuring balanced natural environment through assessment of environmental and economic benefits and damages, …




“Photography Master Class” program in Aparan Aarhus Centre

The aim of the regular course held within the frameworks of the “Photography master class” program conducted on May 17, for schoolchildren and teachers of Aparan by G. Nanyan, eco-analyst, eco-journalist …




Argichi river bed has created the nature, no one will change it: Gavar Aarhus Center is warning

On May 13, the pipes of the SHPP fed by Argichi River has burst again and flooded all around. Due to the burst pipes chaotic situation was occurred in the area. The water is not only flooded the villagers…