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Board of Experts Session in Gavar Aarhus Center


Gavar_19-06On June 19, Gavar Aarhus Center held a board of experts meeting, which was attended by 5 members of the board, coordinators of Gavar Aarhus Centers, “Geghama Ashkharh” newspaper journalist and the employee, the other 5 members were absent for a valid reason.

Gavar Aarhus Center Coordinator Mrs. Marine Mazmanyan presented the 2014 year activities, its statistical report and past year’s shortages and Ms. Lianna Asoyan presented the Center’s achievements, and future plans for this year’s events. All board members present approved the activities, as well as future projects. The experts also approved the new staff of the board (attached see the new staff of the board) instead of the former 15 members, now the board consists of 10 members, 5 members from state sector and 5 members from the public sector. The changes in the board are conditioned by the fact that some members of the board live in remote areas, so because of the transportation costs they are unable to take part in the meetings, like in the previous year.


The coordinator of Gavar Aarhus Center suggested and the participants decided to apply to the governor of Gegharkunik marz with the request to organize all the events related to the environmental issues on the initiative of marzpetaran in Gavar Aarhus Center with the participation of all stakeholders in this process in order to make it more transparent and efficient.

List of participations
Gavar Aarhus Center workplan for 2015

Marine Mazmanyan
Coordinator of Gavar Aarhus Center
Tel: (+374) 94 642464
E-mail: maradarkish@gmail.com, blejanli@gmail.com, info_gavar@aarhus.am
Translated by Marine Mazmanyan