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Tour to Plane Grove

On August 8, 2015 a tour was organized to “Plane Grove” within the frameworks of the “Biodiversity of Armenia’s flora, botanical research methodology, important natural areas of Armenia, rare plants and plant coexistences nearby Kapan, conservation of botanical objects and the Red Book of Armenia Remarkable Trees of Armenia” program.
The first stop of the tour was the administrative building of “Shikahogh” State Reserve, which was renovated and furnished by “World Wildlife Fund” and “Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine”. At the events room was organized a training course entitled the flora and fauna of “Shikahogh” State Reserve.

David Hakobyan, leading specialist of scientific department of Zangezur” Biosphere Complex SNCO presented the role and importance of specially protected areas, specially protected areas of Syunik province, their regime, then, endemic plants and trees. The fauna was presented to participants by Harut Aghatelyan, zoologist, leading specialist of scientific department of Zangezur” Biosphere Complex SNCO. The participants were interested in animals, existence of reptiles and their behavior.

The next stop of the tour was at the roadside mountain, where from were seen Mtandzor and “Plane Grove”. David Hakobyan presented Mtandzor in detail: It is most preserved, richest in biodiversity, virgin forest almost devoid of human intervention of “Shikahogh” State Reserve. There are valuable oak species; it is habitat for Bezoarian goat and Primary-Asian leopard listed in the Red Book. It is also known as a medieval village, where have been preserved ruins of the church.
Last stop was the Plane Grove.

The sanctuary was established in 1958 in the Tsav river valley and occupies 64.2 ha. It stretches 12 km, 50-150m in width. The main object of protection is the eastern plane, which is an ancient type of tree, has very valuable wood, durable, lives up to the year 2000, reaching 33-35m in height.
Then the participants visited the nursery of “Shikahogh” State Reserve, where various types of trees are grown.

Tens of thousands of pine and other trees are supplied to different regions of Armenia for planting. Participants took photos at the two remarkable tree species, which diameter is 3 m at the bottom.
The center coordinator and students expressed their gratitude for a very spectacular and interesting training, the students promised to love and protect the Mother Nature.

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