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The American student spent her summer internship studying the Armenian Aarhus Centers activity
On July 1-30 Yeghvard Aarhus Centre hosted the American Mariel Kieval, who was doing a summer internship in the frames of American Council’s professional and intercultural training program. American spent a summer internship at the Aarhus Centres in Armenia, in particular, visiting Yerevan, Hrazdan and Gavar Aarhus centers, got acquainted with the activities of the centers, the works, explored the Aarhus Convention, the steps taken towards its implementation in Armenia. During this time she made activity evaluation of Aarhus Centres, based on the road map.

Mariel over a month had direct participation in everyday activities of Yeghvard Center. During this time Mariel had a number of meetings and discussions by the initiative of coordinators, which enabled to get more detailed information on the current environmental issues, issues related to the activities of this sphere, and about Aarhus Centres in Armenia. She met with Karen Harutyunyan, deputy mayor of Yeghvard, chairman of the Board of experts of Yeghvard Aarhus Center, discussed environmental issues existing in Yeghvard and the activities aimed at those solution.

In order to make more visible understanding of environmental issues of Nairi region has been organized “Environment” film watching and discussion.

A meeting was also organized with the members of Wikimedia Yeghvard club, during which was introduced “Wikipedia-Armenia” organization, prepared by them articles, programs, informed about interests of articles on environmental topics.

Mariel had the opportunity to get acquainted with Armenia’s cultural and national particularities, visiting monuments, churches, museums. Mariel said that it was a great opportunity to work for the Aarhus Centres. She had expected the work of assessing the Armenian Aarhus Centres to be interesting and informative, which it was, and was happily surprised to discover the immense amount of environmental work that is being done in Armenia. She was very impressed with the number of people She met here who are so passionate about the work they are doing in regard to the environment, and She thinks the Aarhus Centres here are doing a great job at creatively engaging the public and spreading awareness and interest about environmental issues and how to solve them.

Mariel returned to her country impressed with the work and hospitality of the Aarhus Centers and wished successful and devoted work.

Ruzanna Manyan
Coordinator of Yeghvard Aarhus Centre
Tel. (+374) 94 331055, 224 22933
Translated by Ruzanna Manyan