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Public awareness event on the Aarhus Convention in Charentsavan

On June 30, Ruzanna Manyan, Yeghvard Aarhus Center Coordinator visited the town of Charentsavan. On the center’s initiative was held a meeting with the youth to create awareness on the environmental issues and cover the Aarhus Convention.
At the beginning of the meeting the Center’s coordinator informed about the Armenia’s accession to the Aarhus Convention yet in 2001, presenting the three main pillars of the Convention through a series of information leaflets published by the Aarhus Centers: “Where and how to obtain environmental information”’, “How to participate in environmental decision-making process”, “Whom to apply and how
to behave when are violated the environmental rights and interests”. Afterwards discussion was started on the environmental information and its dissemination and covering issues.

Stressing the importance of media awareness and knowledge of the pillars of the Convention, the center’s coordinator presented how to present information concerning the surrounding environment to the public.

As the best way to get acquainted with the Aarhus Convention, its implementation in Armenia, the Aarhus Centers activities in Armenian language, was introduced the Aarhus Center’s website.

The Coordinator also informed about the new electronic information platform created by the OSCE Office, which enables to raise issues of public concern regarding environmental security issues and inform users of about 57 members and 11 partner countries.

The young people discussed the environmental issues existing both in their cities and in the RA talking about environmental programs aimed at their solution.

The interest on the mentioned themes was so great that young people expressed willingness to get more detailed and in-depth information.

It was decided to conduct a series of training courses in the fall to gain deeper knowledge on these topics.

Ruzanna Manyan
Coordinator of Yeghvard Aarhus Center
Tell: (+374) 94 331055, 224 22933
E-mail:. ruzannamanyan@yandex.com
Translated by Anush Beybutyan