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“Protection of the Ozone Layer and its structure” seminar discusses in Aarhus Center of Ararat


Ararat_27_07On July 16, the Ararat Aarhus Center hosted a seminar-discussion “Protection of the Ozone Layer and its structure” with the aim of raising public environmental awareness.

Initially, volunteer of the center Christina Balayan introduced the activity of the center and the very essence of the Convention. Point-to-point referred to the the constituent elements of Convention: access to information, public participation and access to justice factor making the audience even closer to the very essence of the Convention.

On the second section the seminar was talked about the structure and the protection of the ozone layer, after it were introduced individual items, what is the ozone layer, there were also talked about the factors damaging the ozone layer, especially in anthropogenic (human-induced) factors, was presented to the ozone layer depletion process and the damages and threats to human and environmental.

On the third section ecologist and a representative of eco-club «Tapan» Gohar Martirosyan divided the audience into three groups putting forward the theme of “anthropogenic factors impact on the ozone layer and its ways of reduction.

The groups presented their positions on the issue of the protection of the ozone layer, for example, changing the internal combustion engines to hydrogen or solar engines, install filters, minimize the use of cosmetic products, which contribute to ozone layer depletion.

During the entire workshop a discussions were held among representatives of NGOs, teachers, pupils and students.

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Translated by Ripsime Sargsyan