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Hrazdan Aarhus Center has a new partner in the face of a newly created NGO


hrazdan_28_07_2With the support of Hrazdan Aarhus Centre has been created “Healthy environment” NGO for development of environment, healthcare, agriculture and tourism.

The NGO’s first meeting was held on June 24. (the protocol is attached). B. Bejli and R. Rider, Peace Corps volunteers are also among the founding members of the NGO, who are trying to support the NGO’s activities in every possible way.

After announcing the NGO officially opened on July 23, was held the next meeting of the NGO founding members, the agenda of which was composed of two parts: the organization of future plans for the NGO’s activities and presentation of the “Fortune Oil” company’s operations and reports.

UntitledThe session was started with congratulating each other and wishing fruitful work. It was talked about the further plans: to recruit the company’s staff with new members, and appear on television and organize a presentation for a large audience.

At the second part of the agenda, as the first work carried out for the organization, was the presentation of the “Fortune Oil” company’s activity and reports presented by B. Bejlii (Presentation), which gave enough information to the NGO representatives about the company.

Note that with the name of the “Fortune Oil” company is associated with the iron mine development patents, in which problem for several years were engaged Hrazdan Aarhus Center and “Healthy Hrazdan” initiative.


Anahit Mnatsakanyan
Coordinator of Hrazdan Aarhus Center
Tell: (+374) 91 66 33 16, 93 84 30 08,
E-mail: info_hrazdan@aarhus.am , zhora.arakelyan@mail.ru , manahit84@mail.ru
Translated by Anush Beybutyan