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Evaluating Mining Project EIAs of Armanis, Arjut and Fuialetovo by the Independent Expert


Expert_09_07_engDuring the reporting period – June 2015 by the Expert on Mining Issues had been conducted an Independent Expertise and carried out detailed studies of complete package the EIA of Armanis and Arjut Mining projects as well as Fioletovo project.

The dept studies and analysis of EIA and mining projects, expert opinions of these objects have led to the following conclusions.

Armanis mine underground mining operation EI is negligible effects cannot be explained. But we should not forget that it is much may increase the amount of exposure.

Strengthening the mine, along with reconstruction and rebuilding will not discuss the issues of reconstruction and impact of Armanis enrichment plant. Especially when it is processes here the ore from Arjut mine.
EIA projects and the attachments are not always posted on the ministry website, as appropriate, which an additional obstacle to the creation the analysis and study of drawing up the plan.

In the Armanis project and EIA package is not mentioned about work done in the past, environmental impact reduction measures and others.

The expert statements are not discussed the issues of the demanding of assessments and other issues reflecting the realistic possibility of the presented projects.

OSCE Expert on Mining Issues
Doctor of Geology, Associate Professor Harutyun Movsisyan