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Board of Experts Session in Aparan Aarhus Centre

On June 25, Board of Experts session was held in Aparan Aarhus Center. The first agenda item was related to the reviewing and approving the new staff of Center’s board of experts.
Georgy Yeremyan, Deputy Mayor of Aparan was re-elected Chairman of the Board of Experts, the board was staffed with new members: representatives of “Kantegh of Aragats” NGO, Armenia’s World Vision Aparan office and Aparan ASC.
As changes took place at the board’s staff, the coordinator of the center presented new members the goals and objectives of the center, functions of the Board of Experts as well as work program for 2015 and
the main activities of the center.
The next item of the agenda in regard to the activities carried out during the first four months of 2015 was presented by the Center’s coordinator. She also noted that in order to support covering the pillars of the Aarhus Convention and resolving environmental issues have been made a series of visits to communities, held meetings with local government leaders and residents, information requests have been filed to government agencies, educational and environmental awareness courses were organized by the center.

The last question of the session was related to the environmental problems of the community and region. Issues related to the lack of landscaping, restoration of flowing waters reservoirs, forests and meadows fires related and other issues were also discussed at the event.

Waste management issue was considered as a priority by residents (was mentioned the complaint of many residents from Nigavan about the sad state of municipal landfill) as well as was observed Qasakh river pollution issue.

In conclusion, it was proposed to give approval to the works implemented by the center and proceed with the activity on the basis of the annual work program objectives, technical requirements and the assignment of priorities.

Agenda and Protocol
Working plan 2015 of Aparan Aarhus Center
Members of Board of Experts

Natalya Manukyan
Coordinator of Aparan Aarhus Center
Tell: (+374) 94 224926
E-mail: aarhusaparan@mail.ru , info_aparan@aarhus.am
Translated by Anush Beybutyan