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The role of media in the dissemination of environmental information and promotion of
public participation in decision-making processes. Kapan
On June 26 a seminar was held for young journalists in Kapan Aarhus Center. The coordinator of the center introduced the Aarhus Convention to the participants, who were form the “SOSI” and “KHUSTUP” TV Companies, journalists from the local newspapers, representatives from “Jinishyan Memorial Foundation”, Kapan city municipality and environmental department of Syunik marzpetaran.
The coordinator informed that the Convention has been the basis for holding public discussions in the Aarhus Center and due to public active participation a decision was made to close Kapan city new landfill; the role of public was decisive in the prevention of building

27 garages on the green area near the children’s park and “Shahumyan” gold-polymetallic mine opencast development, it was possible to collect 13 thousand signatures to suspend uranium mine exploration activities via active community participation, active dissemination of information through the media.

Lilit Gevorgyan, a participant asked howcan it be explained, when the community is against a public hearing on the project, but the mining exploration work or mine exploitations continue, the coordinator answered that a similar phenomenon is caused by the imperfection of the legislation of Armenia and the connivance of the authorities responsible. He mentioned “Trchkan”, “Mashtots park” victories as a result of the persistent struggle of civil society, persistence of defending their rights and the role of journalists in those victories. A presentation was made and presented to the journalists related to the climate change issues, obtaining environmental information, the importance of clarifying the information before placing it in the site and many other issues.

The participants were provided with a book “Closing the mines”, Commentaries to the Constitution, and the information leaflets “The implementation of the Aarhus Convention in Armenia”.

The participants expressed their gratitude for the information provided and the “SOSI” TV Company broadcasted the event the same day.

Ashot Avagyan
Coordinator of Kapan Aarhus Center
Tel: (+374) 93 79 59 21
E-mail: info_kapan@aarhus.am , kapan.aarhus@mail.ru
Translated by Marine Mazmanyan