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Coordinator of Stepanavan Aarhus Center participated in the “Civil Society Day at the National Assembly of the RA” event


stepanavan_17_06On June 11, the Civil Society Day was observed in the National Assembly of the RA. The aim was to contribute initiating productive and mutually beneficial dialogue between the MPs, parliamentary committees and civil society. The representatives’ of civil society had the opportunity to represent problems of their field to the 7 committees of the NA of the RA. Within the “Civil Society Day at the National Assembly of the RA” event the representatives of civil society raised a number of important issues related to illegal decisions made by the government of the RA.

In particular, they addressed a question to Martun Grigoryan, chairman of the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Environment about the government decision adopted on July 31, 2014 N 781-N on the state regulation on protection, use and reproduction of properties of flora of the RA. The committee members responded that they were not aware of the decision.


During the meeting with the members of the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Environment, Manya Melikjanyan, coordinator of Stepanavan Aarhus center proposed to make amendments in the relevant law: to carry out the expertise of the environmental impact assessment at an early stage of public hearings. She also asked a question to the committee members concerning the denial of providing payments to the budget from the payment in kind to Stepanavan town, while Armanis gold-polymetallic mine for 10 years has caused damage to Stepanavan by contaminating soil, air and Dzoraget.

Heated discussions were held about the raised issues and Armen Avetisyan, deputy of the National Assembly, as a representative of Tashir, offered his assistance with regard to the solution of this important problem.

The details of the issue of “Nahatak” tailings dump of Mets Ayroum and the concerns of community residents were represented by Oleg Dulgaryan, head of the “Community Mobilization and Support Center” NGO suggesting to recognize Mets Ayroum and similar other communities as affected communities, in which administrative areas are located industrial tailing dumps and provide them state subventions for mitigation environmental and health problems.

Martun Grigoryan, chairman of the NA Standing Committee on Agriculture and Environment mentioned that the decisions taken at the community-level should reflect the community residents positions and advised the latter to be consistent with their requirements prescribed by law, if necessary, even to express distrust to the local authorities.

The committee chairman also informed that the requirements and recommendations set forth in the letter of Mets Ayroum community residents had been discussed by the Committee and the recommendation on the environmental and health compensation of the communities having tailing dumps will be placed on the agenda of the forthcoming meetings of the Committee.

Manya Meliqjanyan
Coordinator of Stepanavan Aarhus Center
Tell: (+374) 93 315108
E-mail: manya_lore@yahoo.com
Translated by Anush Beybutyan