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Volunteering and non-formal education, civil activity as a warranty for competitiveness in the labor market

On June 9, in Gavar Aarhus Center a seminar was held for the young people of Gavar city area with the support of Gavar Aarhus Center. The training was initiated by “BLEJAN” NGO’s youth wing aimed at contributing the rise of youth civil activity level, revelation of the competitiveness warranties in the labor market.

The participants of the seminar were the volunteers of “Blejan” NGO’s youth wing, as well as students of Gavar State University, volunteers of Gavar Aarhus Center and “Jinishyan Memorial” foundation and the reporters of “Geghama Ashkharh” newspaper.

The seminar was conducted by the coordinator of Gavar Aarhus Center, who in her opening speech remarked that this meeting will give impetus to further cooperation, joint projects, and intercultural relations.

The coordinator of Yeghegnadzor Aarhus Center was also invited to the seminar, who presented what volunteering and non-formal education are, what local, national and international platforms exist, which give opportunities of study or volunteer work, international experience of volunteerism and so on. He also presented the 3-6 month long volunteer projects, which are implemented by European countries. As a result of this participation the young people got information on the RA youth policy and youth various initiatives, non-formal education opportunities and the opportunities to turn own ideas into reality. Yeghegnadzor Aarhus Center Coordinator also highlighted the fact that for participating in such volunteer works the young people must be prepared for it, demonstrate civic activism, as well as have a certain level of proficiency in foreign languages, especially English and Russian.

The participants were introduced to the civic activism of young people’s personal success, which forms collaboration with young people from different communities. The coordinator of Yeghegnadzor Aarhus Center presented the initiative “From border to border” implemented continually by them for 4 years, the exchange program carried out in Bulgaria, as well as their participation in the session of the OSCE Presidents Council. (Presentation attached).

The coordinator of Martuni Youth Bank, who also attended the meeting, who presented the programs carried out by them and their practices. He noted that the Youth Bank has various donors who are funding smaller projects with a sum equivalent to $ 300-500, which involves 5-7 young people of 16-25 ages. Youth banks already exist in all the regions. The Youth bank’s slogan is “Real life, real money, and real changes”. The participants highly appreciated this meeting and promised to do everything possible to remain part of such active youth programs and at the end of the meeting exchanged contacts and inter-regional cooperation agreements were reached.

Marine Mazmanyan
Coordinator of Gavar aarhus Center
Translated by Marine Mazmanyan