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Awareness event on the provisions of the Aarhus Convention in Kayq (Mulqi) community

Kayq village near Aparan, situated on the right bank of the river Qasagh, is one of the small communities in Aragatsotn region. Here, On June 5 on the initiative of Aparan Aarhus Center an awareness event on the provisions of the Aarhus Convention was organized for the the employees of the community administration and the school teachers. The coordinator of the Aarhus Center at first represented the aims and objectives of the center, the ways of the implemented activities, and the role of the center in collecting and disseminating environmental information on demand.
The participants were informed of their rights and responsibilities regarding the Aarhus Convention.

The coordinator of the center, focusing on the role and importance of public participation in environmental decision-making process, informed that public officers should ensure public properly to be informed about environmental issues, they are obliged to inform the public about the participatory opportunities and engage public in the initial stages of decision-making processes, thus giving the opportunity for public comments and recommendations.

The environmental problems existing both in the community and in the region were discussed during the meeting. The participants expressed concern on Qasagh river pollution with household waste and waste waters and highlighted the strict need of water treatment plant restoration (note that currently destroyed water treatment plant of the region from Soviet period was located here).

Natalya Manukyan
Coordinator of Aparan Aarhus Center
Tel: (+374) 94 224926
E-mail: aarhusaparan@mail.ru , info_aparan@aarhus.am

Translated by Marine Mazmanyan