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Public discussion on “Noragyugh” andesite mine expansion evaluation report in Zoravan community

On May 27 public discussion on the RA Kotayq region “Noragyugh” andesite mine expansion evaluation report was held in Zoravan community. The employees of the community administration, members of the community council, a representative of the “Ararat Road construction” LLC, representatives from “Environmental Impact Assessment and Expertise” SNCO and the community residents took part in the discussion.
Since 20.10.2012 “Ararat Road construction” LLC has received a permission to exploit the RA Kotayq region “Noragyugh” andesite mine, and the investments were made until today, job places were open and so on.

The head of the community represented the “Noragyugh” andesite mine expansion project, the issue on mine expansion evaluation report for environmental impact representing the porejct of the works planned by the “Ararat Road construction” LLC in the community administrative boundaries, which includes a number of environmental measures including planting bushes around the open pit industrial square, intensive watering of dusty places in dry and warm seasons / working sites, mine, dumps, the road leading to the dumps and so on/, as well as installation of exhausts on the transportations working with diesel engines and installation of filters on the exhaust gas flow for the elimination of toxic impurities and other measures. He also presented the positive and negative effects on the environment durig the mine extract. He also said that the mine expansion will further contribute to the social and economic development of the community and creation of new jobs.

Community residents have indicated that they do not see any obstacle to the planned activities, as the mine is located four to five kilometers away from the village, transmission lines, gas pipelines, water pipelines, specially protected areas are absent in the mine expansion area, the area is devoid of vegetation, there are no river networks.

The community gave its approval “Noragyugh” andesite mine expansion assessment report including its environmental measures.

Attached you can also see the discussion of the protocol, mine expansion project and the environmental management plan of the expanded open mine exploitation.

Ruzanna Manyan
Coordinator Of Yeghvard Aarhus Center
Tel: (+374) 94 331055, 224 22933
Translated by Marine Mazmanyan