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Importance is attached to the development prospects of eco-tourism in Dilidjan National Park


Dilijan_05_06On June 5 a discussion was held in Dilidjan Aarhus Center on the topic the development prospects of eco-tourism in Dilidjan National Park. The discussion was chaired by Mr. Schtefen, german expert from Caucasus Wildlife Foundation. Representatives from the development funds, municipalities, cultural institutions and organizations engaged in tourism sphere took part in the discussion.

The participants of the discussion represented to the expert the main problems that hinder the development of ecotourism in Dilijan National Park with their objective and subjective reasons. During the meeting they talked about the potential Dilijan National Park has for the development of ecotourism.
Dilijan_05_06_2Suggestions and ways of cooperation, that will promote the development of ecotourism in Dilidjan National Park, were introduced to the expert at the discussion. The participants stressed the importance of transparency of the implemented works in Dilijan National Park, which will allow the interested organizations to participate with their offers in the development of Dilijan National Park eco-tourism strategy. In the end the expert expressed the hope that all the issues and recommendations will be submitted in one total project and another debate will be organized with the participation of another big representative group.

List of participation

Albert Haroyan
Coordinator of Dilijan Aarhus Center
Translated by Marine Mazmanyan