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Awareness seminars in Argel and Qarashamb communities related to the rights and obligations established by the Aarhus Convention


Yeghvard_05_06_1On May 25 in Qarashamb community and on May 26 in Argel community awareness seminars were held for the local and regional governments related to the rights and obligations established by the Aarhus Convention. The employees of the community administration and the community council members took part in the discussion. The Coordinator of the Yeghvard Aarhus Centre represented the Aarhus Convention, its ratification by Armenia, the obligations, introduced the provisions of the Convention regarding the rights of getting environmental information, participation in decision-making processes and access to justice, as well as she talked about the rights and obligations of the state institutions established by the Aarhus Convention. The activities of the Armenian Aarhus Centers, the implemented works and their results were also represented. Then a discussion started on the environmental issues in the communities. The main issue in the two communities was the problem of landfills, noting that garbage disposal is done properly in the community, which was evidently seen by the cleanliness of the streets in the village and the surrounding areas, but the landfill is absent, that’s why the waste of the community is transported to nearby communities. Yeghvard_05_06_2 They also mentioned the problem of wandering dogs, which is not only dangerous for the residents, but also for the community pets. There have been cases of attacks on both the residents and their pets, which fortunately did not cause many damages. During these meetings the participants were provided with information leaflets published by the Aarhus Centers: “Where and how to obtain environmental information”, “How to participate in environmental decision-making processes” and “”Who to turn to and what to do when the environmental rights and interests are violated”.

Ruzanna Manyan
Coordinator of Yeghvard Aarhus Center
Tel: (+374) 94 331055, 224 22933
Translated by Marine Mazmanyan