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Alaverdi is again in the smoke: alarm

For several days there have again been emissions from the old pipe planned for smoke gas emissions as a result of “Wallex” group “ACP” company’s activity in Alaverdi. The new chimney built on Koshabert Mountain does not operate. The old pipe is considered to be reserve; the need for its use is in case of industrial accidents or other relevant circumstances. However, due to the accumulation of clouds of smoke coming from the old chimney the atmospheric conditions in the city has significantly changed for a few days. Alaverdi is covered with smoke or submerged into deep smoke gas smog most of the day.
It has raised panic and concern among the population. There are many alarms to the Aarhus Center both by the public and by the enterprises. Therefore the Aarhus Centre has sent an informational request with an expectation of receiving an official response and explanation. I represent the attached request.

Coordinator of Alaverdi Aarhus Center
Anush Evoyan
Translated by Marine Mazmanyan