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The public is is against the geological prospecting activities in Khachakar-Paravan polymetallic mineral field


Kapan_29_05 On May 26 a public discussion was held in Kapan Aarhus Center. The initiator “Storetrans”company introduced the expertise geological prospecting activities Khachakar-Paravan polymetallic mineral field, which includes Verin Vardanidzor, Tashtun and Vanq rural community areas of Meghri region. Public discussions must have been held in separate communities before the company receives a conclusion on permission or no any permission from the Ministry of Nature Protection.

Mr. Vladik Martirosyan, president of “Khustup” environmental NGO, noted that he was categorically against the geological prospecting activities in Meghri region, as they leave torn landscape, disturbed ecosystem, polluted surface and ground waters. Vast majority of endangered endemic plant species of the RA Syunik region registered in the Red book are located in Meghri region. Large-scale mining will damage the environment in Meghri region and horticulture well-known in Meghri.

Kapan_29_05_2Mr. Armen Parsadanyan, president of “Sustainable development” NGO, was also categorically against those activities, as Meghri is an agricultural region known for its high quality fruit-vegetables, dried fruits and preserves, jams and wines. And as the overwhelming source of income of the population is horticulture, in his opinion, an economic reasoning should be submitted to public before the commencement of mining in the region; mining industry or agriculture. Since the mining resources are not inexhaustible, and the mining activities implemented by the enterprise are temporary, people who will be deprived he only major source of income will leave their contaminated homes.

Meanwhile, the speakers stressed the need to hold more public discussions surrounding communities, Meghri region’s population should participate in the discussions taking advantage of their rights enshrined in the RA Constitution and the Aarhus Convention.
You can find information about the discussion in the website of “SOSI” TV Company.

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Translated by Marine Mazmanyan