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Awareness event in Ditavan and Getahovit communities

All the actions and awareness events implemented by the Aarhus Centers in recent years clearly show that awareness of environmental issues and problems around a specific problem in specific communities ensure more effective results. If we consider the Aarhus Convention as a guarantor of public participation in environmental matters and justice, it should be noted that the implementation of awareness events for the population in the communities, local government representatives reveal the available problems contributing to more effective and mutually agreed solutions. Idjevan Aarhus Center is also committed to this principle.

The center organized awareness events in Getahovit and Ditavan communities this month. On May 19 a discussion on the theme “Public participation in the environmental matters” was held in Ditavan with the participation of the head of the community and the residents. The speakers of the meeting were the coordinator of Idjevan Aarhus Center and the head of the community. It should be noted that the community is one of the small, thinly populated communities in the region, where the solution of the most difficult environmental problems is more difficult due to lack of funds. The main problem is the existence of a community active landslide zone, which includes a segment of the highway, making it difficult and dangerous. The next issue relates to the lack of community solid waste management system, which causes an irregular pollution in the community areas. There were proposals to conduct additional research and the senior leadership of the project represented the technical waste management system.

The next discussion was held in Getahovit community on May 29, where the head of the community and the residents actively discussed the issues related to the Khachaghbyur 1 and 2 HPPs issues and the steps taken for the reduction of risks caused by them. Head of the community assured that he personally followed this problem and more than 1000 trees were planted in Getahovit forest with the effort of “Megaenergy” company this year and riverbed improvement works were carried out. The community residents also made recommendations related to changes in soil quality and efficient development system of community lands. It also became clear during these two discussions that the local people are more interested in the problems existing in the regional communities and their awareness is the best way solve the problems and to avoid similar issues in future.

Davit Ghazaryan
Coordinator of Idjevan Aarhus Center
Tel: (+374) 93 00 70 10
E-mail: info_ijevan@aarhus.am, david.ghazaryan.83@mail.ru

Translated by Marine Mazmanyan