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Awareness event in Berdkunq and Tsovazard communities

On May 19 and May 25 Gavar Aarhus Center initiated discussions about the obligations constituted by the Aarhus Convention and the national legislation for the local and regional governments’ officials in Berdkunq and Tsovazard communities. Representatives of the two village administration, village council members, community residents and young people took part in the discussion. Mrs. Lianna Asoyan, president of “Blejan” NGO and the head of the project “The implementation of the Aarhus Convention aimed at strengthening the capacity of local governments and CSOs via Aarhus Centers”, presented via presentation environmental information on national environmental

legislation and talked about the ratified international conventions. Many questions were raised by the participants after being informed about the obligations of local governments and public fixed by the legislation.

A very urgent issue at that moment in Berdkunq was the bird bee eater (meghvaker), which is a serious threat to beekeeping, the village’s main source of income. Those bird species chase the bees not only near the hives, but also in the air, which causes widespread destruction of bees. The residents were also concerned about these birds registered in the Red Book. They appealed to Mrs. Lianna Asoyan for finding a solution. The latter promised to help via specialist to rescue the bees without harming the bee eaters. She immediately contacted ecologist Mrs. Silva Adamyan, who noted that she can provide the residents with record of a bird voice through which it is possible to prevent the entrance of bee eaters to hives.

Mrs. Abush Evoyan, the coordinator of Alaverdi Aarhus Center, also took part in the discussion in Tsovazard community. Here the residents were concerned about the waste management issue in the community. Budget opportunities for the solution of the problem are very scarce. On the way we saw many piles in the homesteads, which can cause serious health problems for the residents.

During the discussion, they also talked about the expansion projects of the, communities, and dissatisfaction was expressed for this initiative in the two communities.

The participants highly appreciated the organized awareness activities and raising the community issues. Importance was attached to the cooperation with the Aarhus Centre, unity, and the protection consistency of the community issues and their rights.

Marine Mazmanyan
Coordinator of Gavar Aarhus Center
Tel..(+374) 264 61511
E-mail: info_gavar@aarhus.am
Translated by Marine Mazmanyan