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“How to participate in environmental decision-making process”: Training Course in Armanis

On May 15, Stepanavan Aarhus Center organized a training course on “How to participate in environmental decision-making process” in the village of Armanis, which was attended by Armanis local government officials, village, school teachers and activists.
It was important to hold the seminar in Armanis, because in recent years many problems were emerged in this village regarding to the environment and human right protection.
The Aarhus Centre Coordinator introduced participants the pillars of the Aarhus Convention,particularly with regard to the public participation in decision-making,

what opportunities are given to citizens to present their views, attitude and opinions with regard to the decision, to be consistent with their inclusion in the final decision.

The seminar instructor mentioned that the participation allows:
- getting comprehensive information on the environmental impact of this or that project,
- taking into account specifications of local conditions and determine the possible disadvantages of the project,
- taking into account the opinion of local residents.

The presentation was followed by a variety of questions on the basis of the recent examples: “Why the residents of Armanis couldn’t get acquainted with the mine expansion EIA document, why the municipality did not help the residents in that issue, what damages are expected from the mine expansion, what will happen to future generations, and if the lands were sold then ho to live in the future.”

Today Armanis residents actually have a lot of unanswered questions and problems, need to take steps towards protecting their interests.

Manya Meliqjanyan
Coordinator of Stepanavan Aarhus Center
Tell: (+374) 93 315108
E-mail: manya_lore@yahoo.com
Translated by Anush Beybutyan