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33 hectares of forest will be created in Tsovak

In recent decades, climate changes, anthropogenic and other technological factors have had a negative impact on the environment, causing the degradation of vast territories of pasture and forest and land erosion. The EU-UNDP “Climate East of climate change mitigation and adaptation for local communities to demonstrate the benefits of sustainable forest management and grazing” pilot project is aimed at elimination and mitigation of the mentioned negative background impacts.
Within the frames of the project a major reforestation project is launched in Gegharkunik marz, which will be implemented on 33 hectares, 2 places.

Recently, during the meeting held in Tsovak village municipality, Mr. Aram Ter Zakaryan, head of the technical task of the UN “Pilot Project on Climate East” and Mr. Andranik Ghulijanyan,head of the “Young foresting union” NGO informed the residents about the steps for forest creation. According to Aram Ter-Zakaryan Tsovak massive afforestation program will be followed by the reconstruction of midfield roads and pastures’ improving public benefit programs. Mr. Andranik Ghulijanyan in turn informed that 33 hectares of forest is intended to be created, 18 hectares of which will be at the lake’s southeastern edge, 15 hectares 0.5 kilometers far from the lake shore. After the forest planting the care and the further management of he forest near Tsovak will be implemented by Tsovak village administration and the care of the forest neighboring the lake will be carried out by “Sevan National Park” SNCO.

We have already lost 1800 hectares of forest as a result of Lake Sevan water increase and in the next coming years it will reach to 3800 hectares. “Now we need to establish a forest zone 1903.5 meters above the sea level, which will no longer be in danger of being in a flooded area,” said Mr. Ghulijanian. According to him mainly wild fruit trees will be planted so that many years later, the residents may also have access to the results. Trees of high adhesion were selected, which will ensure one hundred percent of result in case of good care. “Each planted tree must be tended and cultivated with love and holiness, as this new forest should perpetuate the memory of victims of the Armenian Genocide centennial anniversary,” he added.

Mr. Garik Hakobyan, head of Tsovak village, assured that each resident in their village will participate in the field protecting forest creation, will water and look after each plant with love, and the village administration will cover all issues related to the care and conservation.
At the end of the meeting the participants moved to the envisaged area. Tree planting blessing service was done by Taron Hunanyan, the spiritual pastor, priest of Vardenis region of Gegharkunik Diocese. Members of “Young foresting union” NGO carried out the first training activities together with the workers.

Up to one thousand trees will be grown in each hectare. The completion of the project is scheduled for October 2016.

Khosrov Khlghatyan
Memeber of Gavar AC board of experts
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E-mail: khosrov1@yandex.ru
Translated by Marine Mazmanyan