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Why was the colour of Gegharot river water changed?

One of the main right side tributaries of Aragatsotn marz Qasagh River is Gegharot, which flows through the Aragats community. In recent years the colour of Gegharot river water colour has changed, according the the residents the river water quality has also changed; the cultivated lands of this village and its five surrounding villages are fed from Gegharot river.
On May 154, the coordinator of the Aarhus center visited Aragats community and had a meeting with the villagers, who expressed their concern over this fact because they think that the water colour is rusty and has a negative impact on the soils irrigated with this water and the growth of crops.

The residents wondered what was the reason for the change in colour of the river water and what items were included the water content, which changed not only the water colour, but also the colour of bottom sediments, mud, sand and pebble.

Some of the villagers, as before, tied the changes in the river with the two small HPPs on the river.
The coordinator of the Aarhus Centre promised to issue requests to the relevant state authorities related to this issue and provide the received information to the community leaders and residents.

Coordinator of Aparan Aarhus Center
Natalya Manukyan
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Translated by Marine Mazmanyan