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Joint actions to prevent the potato disease

Upon the launch of intensive agricultural labor period a group of people engaged in potato cultivation applied to Aparan Aarhus Center to get information about the disease called “potato wart”.
Note that in autumn 2014, potato wart fungus disease ignition was recorded in Aragats and Shenavan communities of Aparan region.
Both the residents engaged in potato cultivation and the consumers are concerned over this issue, because many of potato seeds acquire from the above-mentioned communities.The Aarhus Center appealed to the Ministry of Agriculture for detailed information on the issue.

/ Request;  response /:

On May 13, the Center organized awareness training for local community residents and representatives of the relevant departments of local governments. The training was conducted by Aparan ASC (Agricultural Support Regional Center) specialist. He introduced in details the causes of disease, the territories occupied by the infected lands, the implemented anti-epidemic diagnostic measures, localization and neutralization centers of the epidemic, prevention the further spread of the disease and the food safety risks reduction measures. The participants were provided with information leaflets about the potato diseases prevention by the Ministry of Agriculture (see the attached).

They agreed to spread the information leaflets the potato diseases prevention through social networks with the support of the Aarhus Center.

Coordinator of Aparan Aarhus Center
Natalya Manukyan
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E-mail: aarhusaparan@mail.ru

Translated by Marine Mazmanyan