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Gavar young people create “Eco conditions” in their city


Gavar Aarhus Center in collaboration with Jinishyan Memorial Foundation implements the project “Eco-actions”, which aims to promote participatory attitude towards the environment especially among the young people aged 16 and higher.
The program consists of several stages that include various campaigns.
• Organizing seminars aimed at increasing the level of environmental education among school-age children.
• Redesigning of Gavar bus station to eco station through placement of signboards and flower pots.

• Improvement works around the monument area, landscaping through tree planting, flowers cultivation and placement of benches and trash cans.
• 4. Organizing a Saturday cleaning day encouraging citizens to join the initiative by holding “The purest street” competition.
• Creating eco conditions in bus stops and other public spaces through placing slogans on environmental content, placement of garbage bins in the cemetery area with the signs about the existence of garbage bins.
• Creating and broadcasting commercials with the following slogan “Polluting the environment, we are polluting our homes”.

The first phase of the project has already been complete; 40 pupils of Gavar N4 and N8 basic schools have participated in three seminars, during which universal environmental issues, as well environmental challenges of our region were discussed. The pupils were thoroughly informed about the environmental issues in Gegharkunik region and what they need to do to live in a clean and beautiful city.

During the first two days of the seminars in schools the pupils were encouraged to express their ideas through images about pollution, as well as offering solutions. They were introduced to the garbage damages, recycling and reuse opportunities, and prepared with their hands pretty items form useless objects for use.

At the end of the seminars the representatives of the project “Eco-actions” implemented by the Jinishyan Memorial Foundation and the employees of Gavar Aarhus Center held a cleaning campaign around Kocharyants monument in the area adjacent to Gavar city central square, and planted 30 trees, the further care of which was assumed by the Gavar Municipality. The pupils also prepared flower pots from the tires, which would decorate their school yards. After the event, the participants received participation certificates and gifts from World Vision Gegharkunik branch. The second phase of the project is still ahead, during which the participants will take part in the shooting of the commercials.

Lianna Asoyan
Coordinator of Gavar Aarhus Center
Tel: (+374) 77 76 46 41
E-mail: blejanli@gmail.com, info_gavar@aarhus.am
Translated by Marine Mazmanyan