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The NGOs conduct a coordinated activity in Gegharkunik marz

It has already been a tradition for a few yeras for the NGOs of Gegharkunik marz to gather once a year in Gavbar Aarhus center to submit an anual report carried out the previous year, as well as the subsequent year’s activities and plans. The aim is to publicize information about the projects implemented by the organizations, discuss, analyze and assess what changed occurred for the region after their realization, what difficulties they arose, how they were overcome and also exchange of ideas and experiences. Gavar Aarhus Center always suuported to the organization of the meeting since this methodology has also contributed to an atmosphere of cooperation and for future more effective and

transparent activities. This year the initiative was fully assumed by the center and the center served as a platform for the meeting.

Thus, the regular meeting of the Gegharkunik marz NGO sector was held in Gavar PEI Aarhus Center on May 5. Representatives from 11 organizations and projects, as well chiefs of the divisions of department of environment protection and division of programming and investments were present at the meeting.The organizations present at the meeting represented the projects implemented by them during the previous year, as well their future plans and further cooperation.

The first presentation was submitted by the representative of the host organization, who, highlighting the problem of Lake Sevan, suggested to hold a discussion on the issue and clarify cooperation.Jinishian Memorial Foundation presented two organizations operating in the region, “Civic Dialogue and Practical Action for Change” and “JMF Center of Youth Initiatives. They spoke about the importance of young people and volunteer work for the development of the community.The representative of Gegharkunik diocese Gavar community center spoke about the project implemented by their center and the center clubs which contribute to the patriotic upbringing of the younger generation, instilling the knowledge about the national, traditional and spiritual values.

Sakharov HRPC presented its human rights law enforcement activities, the various seminars and events related to human rights knowledge. The activities of „Decent generation“ NGO were aimed at preventing juvenile offenses in the previous year. They represented the project implemented by them.
“Friendship” national minority NGO offered new collaborative tools already tested by them.

The coordinator of Gavar Aarhus Center suggested including the local governments in the next similar events in order to form strong basis for transparent and effective management through an atmosphere of mutual trust. The representatives of local governments have already welcomes the invitation-proposal for cooperation.

Lianna Asoyan
Coordinator of Gavar Aarhus Center
Tel: (+374) 77 76 46 41
E-mail: blejanli@gmail.com, info_gavar@aarhus.am
Translated by Marine Mazmanyan